For the AMsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) we had to make a ''Fashion doll which could be used as an accessory''. It the beginning I had no fucking clue what so ever!!
So first I started with a barbie type idea I wanted to combine in with a vinyl toy, but soon I found it dull. So I tried all kinds of stuff.

but At one point in the progress my dog came to me, he wanted to play he was holding his toy chicken in his mouth. I looked at it and thought! damn that would be awesome if i made bag out of it. But is it a doll? technically yes it is so I took my chances and this is what came out of my imagination!!

I hope they will let me in!!

morrison (twitter: @robotinc_mymy)

design: morrison
Photography: morrison
Model: Teonacrap (twitter: @teonacrap)

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Anonymous said...

Did you get in? I'm applying for the AMFI this year and have to do the same, but I haven't figured out yet what I want to make!