I applied for Lookbook yesterday, no idea how long it will take.
miracle, anyone?

the Girl



Maison des Rêveries - the Chloe buckle boot from Opening Ceremony

not your average shoe.
but a lot of bloggers already pulled them off really well.

love it of hate it.

the Girl


behind the scenes of Sonya Rykiel for H&M.
wishing you would be there?

I know I am.
Armed with a camera (perfect for hitting people out of the way, when needed)
I will go the H&M this saturday, really early,
to shop and make pictures of the (not-expected) madness.
check http://www.thegirlhasnostyle.blogspot.com for all of the campaign pictures,
and watch the catwalkshow on the 1st of December at hm.com, 23:00 CET.

the Girl

Party Report: Fabulous!

A party in our hometown! So has to be good right?!

I arrived quite early and after some trouble with the tickets, the scanners they used weren't really working, I could enter and was one of the first people in the Club Tokyo area, which looked quite good. It took a while till the area was filled so I took a look around at the London Gallery area, were the Fashion shows were held. I saw a bit of the Kunstbende Fashion show, which looked quite good! But the DJ's did their own thing it didn't sync with the fashion show at all, it was horrible so was the music they played, I then left for the Club Tokyo area were Switch was about to play.

Switch played a good set. My favourite moment was when he played Felix's Kickdrum mixed with Major Lazer's Pon De Floor percussion, so good!

Cause of Felix Da Housecat cancelled Erol Alkan played! Which was the reason why I went to fabulous. His set was awesome! He played several unreleased tracks incl. Talk To Me! Really enjoyed his set. At the end of his set Erol and Boys Noize played Waves Gonzales Piano rework into their original track, best moment of the night for sure, it was epic!

Boys Noize set was great as well, already saw him this year at ILT but this set got me again!
He finished his set with Jeffer mixed into My Moon My Man was awesome!

Then Dr. Lektroluv started never saw him before nor heard of him but he was really good, surprise of the night.
Check the vid of him playing at Poema below:

And euhm Sander Kleinenberg... Well he started his set with Aoki's I'm In The house..

All by all it was a good party! Tunes of the party must be Bangkok and Lyposuct they got played several times. It tasted like more tho.. can't wait for Rauw!

Artist Links:

+ Bonus

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thegirlandthemymys@hotmail.com (morrison: i can't get in I lost the pasword) so hit me up on twitter and I'll DM you my other mail for promo's press releases or good ideas! @robotinc_mymy

yes, this is our new email.
for all of your questions, ideas, inspiration, stories, posting material and more

so go ahead, use it

the Girl

much love to this clip

Strip Steve - 'Breakin' from Boysnoize Records on Vimeo.

If half the music videos out there were this creative and exciting, the world would be a much better place.


directed by cristalllllll


New Crookers/Soulwax/Mixhell track!

New track from the upcoming Crooker's album 'Tons Of Friends' which is out March 13th 2010!

You've Got The Love!

If you think the original You've Got The Love is good check this cover out by Florence And The Machine!

Recently the track by Florence And The Machine got remixed by The XX, and the result is more then awesome, it has Florence her vocals combined with the Vocals of Oliver from The XX. All that plus the awesome build up, first the smooth piano then slowly heading towards bass and drums!

Renaissance Man has made a more club friendly edit of it, which he done a good job with!

Check out there websites by clicking on the names above, really well done websites! Some really cool stuff on it aswell!


'XX' Album | Buy!

'Lungs' Album | Buy!

Tour Dates:

'The XX'

14.01 /Eurosonic /Groningen
16.02 /Paradiso /Amsterdam

'Florence And The Machine'

26.02 /Astra /Berlin


(Right Click Save as)



I've been analyzing the feather skirt for a while, and I found this one from Asos.
would be great to wear on my birthday and even better on promnight!
I don't know, there's just something I like about it.
it's chic, different and the coulour's amazing ( it has a bit greeny and yellow-y in it).

love it or hate it.

the Girl

Upcoming model Inge Stufkens from holland

such a strong face!

so sweet

not afraid

no words.

Could it be? Could it be that we found the princes who will follow in Doutze's footsteps and take her throne. Will this young girl become the new Dutch model queen?....
These are the questions that you should be asking when you look at these picture's!
Inge Stufkens, a girl who goes to the same school as I do. A normal girl with a normal life, but will this all change....? well this totally depends on her, a couple of months ago she won a modeling contest. She was chosen to go to Milaan for photoshoots for different brands. She also did her first 'go sees' there, she said she like those allot!
I'm wondering what she'll do next. Well one thing is for sure I'm going to follow her, and hope that she'll continue this path! because she would bring freshness to the modeling industry just like Doutze did when she hit the stage

much love and good luck to you!

morrison of the mymy's


New Promo's for their upcoming Ep. try to check these guys once a while they are pretty sick!



I. can't. wait.

H&M is killing me, real slow.
I mean, not that I'd drool over this picture. I prefer the lingerie, but still.
they're so sneaky, posting campaign pictures one by one, making us want more and more..
Eversince I knew this was coming, I've been stalking nitrolicious for pictures
I know I did the same thing with the Jimmy Choo collection, and ended up not buying anything because it just wasn't.. wearable for me.
Je suis desolée to the ones who are happily married to a Choo piece now.

But yes: I will be behind 2 or 3 computers that night, and I will get my hands on something.
Hopefully a bra and hopefully one in my size because ,yeah , I think that might be important.

If you'd like to drool with me, check out: www.thegirlhasnostyle.blogspot.com
for more Sonya Rykiel pictures!

Obsessed? who, me?

the Girl


Waves Chilly Gonzales Piano Rework!

This amazing rework of Erol Alkan & Boys Noize's Waves by the brilliant pianist Chilly Gonzales is out now on digital release!
I have waited a long time for this and it hasn't disappointed me, actually i'd say its one of the best release this year so far!
Make sure to give it a listen! (Use the Preview link)

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Rework) Out now! - Buy // Preview !

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H&M S/S 2010 Women

don't you just love spring and everything that comes with it?
sun, beach, sunglasses, less clothes, lighter fabrics, brighter colours..
almost everything seems better in spring!

so I'm really looking forward to the S/S collection of H&M,
and of course the Sonya Rykiel collection that's in stores in the same period!

but first things first: Sonya Rykiel the lingerie collection's in store on the 5th of December,
perfect presents for 'Sinterklaas'.

p.s. check out the amazing sunglasses, they're gorgeous!

the Girl


H&M S/S 2010 MEN

new H&M spring collection 2010!
damn that's dope!

love it can't wait!



New mixtape homework dj's


link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ftkid5tw5qo dope ass mix!

these guys are good!


but also our mix once again:
a nice mix. a good mix, with epic slides.


Jasper of the MYMY's





the Luella for Liberty window display
Seven Dials
Tatty Devine
Candy Cakes
King Apparel

check my blog for more London pictures!

the Girl



the London Kidrobot store

you'd wish you were here.

the Girl

NEW mix BY the mymy's

a nice mix. a good mix, with epic slides.




I'm sooo tired!
it was a very long day (3 in the morning till 1 at night)
My mom and I went to a lot of new places and found lots and lots of amazing, hidden stores!
Unfortunately, we discovered a 512 mb memorycard in the camera, so after 8 or 9 pictures it was full.
Thank god we bought a new one, but I missed a lot of great shots..
I haven't got that much streetstyle, but I do have a lot of window displays and more!

You might wonder what I've bought (or not, but I'm going to tell you anyway).
well, guess that's not a difficult question to answer,
the question is: what haven't I bought?
and that's a lot, and I'm proud of it! finally, my shopping-rehabilatation is working!

I've been almost-buying several shoes (including the Adidas boat shoes that Morrison and I both love), but ended up not buying them for some reason.
I even found a pair that I've been searching for 4 years, but it just wasn't.. it anymore.

However, I did end up buying something:
at Ladurée I bought a box of macrons, love the colours!
I'll post some pictures tomorrow,

and to keep me company while I regret not-buying-stuff, I got myself something special.
It's white, It's fluffy, It's fat and It has a mustache.

think think think.

the Girl

photo's tomorrow!

Late Of The Pier Are Back!

With a new signle!

Video of Late Of The Pier performing their single Best In The Class live!
Its set to be the next release on Phantasy! I personally cant wait, been a big fan of them since their last album Fantasy Black Channel which is produced by Erol Alkan.
The same Erol Alkan will be playing LatP new release's at his next 6music residency.
So keep an eye out!

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Get Ready for saturday evening!!! PARtY PEOPLE!!!

Lex Chauve - Disco disco mix by lex_chauve

ready for the weekend yet? well this is to get you in the mode.



lol ^-^!


Going to London, darling!
okay: I can't promis a thing, but I'll try to come back with some streetstyle/fashion/hotspot pictures!
It's gonna be early, so I hope I won't forgot my camera..
aaaaaah. I'm so excited!

better go to bed, or I will look like a pancake tomorrow.

have a nice weekend!

the Girl


Hit The Spot Light!

Soon Morrison of the mymy's, interview and Pictures by him in 'Volkskrant Magazine'.

Next week saturday 28 of november. Two pages of Morrison of the mymy's. Photo's taken by him and photo's of him. check our blog for updates.



Turbo 075 Teaser!

New Riton Track out december 16!! Video by TvP.

Dont really get the vid, but the track sounds awesome!

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Artist Review: David E. Sugar!

David E. Sugar started back in 2004 with little more than an 8-bit Gameboy as an instrument. He started out by using tracker software on a Gameboy to create sequences that he then layered over with other instruments.

Now he is releasing tracks on Kitsune, Greco Roman, K7 and Moshi Moshi.

His sound is like a mixture of Indie (vocals) with basslines and distorted synths! He has done remixes of The Klaxons, Big Face, The Phenomal Handclap Band, Klader & Vapen and more.. He has released several other prodictions of his own!

Tracks i really like are Oi New York, This Is London, I Still Like Your Clothes, Party Killer and his remix of Big Face's I Wanna Be A Style Crusader!

>> Buy some David E. Sugar!!

Tour Dates:

28.11 /The Railway /London

01.12 /Madam JoJo's /London

02.12 /Club Stripe@Cross Kings /London

07.12 /Mudmu Clubbin' Bessa /Porto

12.12 /The Playground /London

+ Bonus!

David E. Sugar DJ Set | Live DJ Set!

David E. Sugar - Party Killer | That shit is a party Killeerr!

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When I saw these babies on Nitrolicious I went crazy!
Ray-Ban Wayfarers hand painted by Maya Hayuk.
Just 150 pairs on the market, the Sunglass Hut to be exact.
Yes, there's no way we will get our hands on it.
but that's okay.

Dream with me:

I love the pink ones with the dots.
what do you think?

the Girl


I was reminded of An old picture......

today some kid asked me if he could use one of my pictures for his Background at hyves.
'sure' I sad, why not. but when I saw wich one he wanted It made me feel nostalgic and started to check for other nice photo's of friends made by me. I'm happy to look back and see where
I am now!
but can't stop just yet, got to walk on, walk on, walk on by. and win the big race of live!

made by morrison


My brother bought DJ HERO a couple of days ago, and it immediately became my favorite 'Hero'.
Okay, as always it isn't anything like the real deal.
But still: it's fun to play and the moves on the turntable really correspond with the tunes of the songs.

But it's not just the gameplay, it's also the music:
the mixes are really great, a couple of famous DJ's made some of them, such as DJ AM.

I couldn't decide which one of the songs I would put into this post,
so here you got four of them!
including , ofcourse, Daft Punk.
Those guys are saints!

these are just small parts of the songs, one clip is just 33 seconds.

Justice - Genesis vs Dizzee Rascal - Fix up look sharp .....................the Killers - somebody told me vs Eric Prydz - Pjanoo

Daft Punk Megamix 1 .........................................................Gwen Stefani - Hollaback girl vs Gorillaz - Feelgood

enjóóóóy !

the Girl - Anne




Everyday is a party when you own this baby!

the Girl - Anne

Urban Outfitters DJ mixer: $120


I have a crush on ACNE shoes. ACNE in general, actually.
God, if I end up alone I would just drool over these shoes!
the ACNE Atacoma is true to its name: you will get at-a-coma when wearing or just seeing these beauties!

But let's not forget the ACNE Pistols, the short version of the original.
I really don't know what I like about this pair.
Simplicity, but definately not ordinary. Guess they're just magical.

Dream on.

the Girl - Anne

Weekly Record Label: Turbo Records!

This week's review's about Tiga's label Turbo. Home of artists like Tiga, Chromeo, ZZT, Proxy, Brodinski, Popof

and Boys Noize!

"We started out singing into plastic bags and shipping them to stores as quickly as possible. Later, we discovered that vinyl sounds way better when delivered by kayak. I learned so much the first few years...Now, as I look towards the future, I can envision music for poor people, sonic odors for the hearing impaired, even MP3s for women....Vroom, sucka!" Tiga.

We all know where Turbo is at now! Releasing hit after hit, dominating dance floors across the world!

Here are some upcoming Releases we look forward too:

Proxy LP + Remixes

Zombielicious Remixes

Rebolledo EP

Riton EP

Mike Mind EP

Overtime Remixes (Incl. Brodinski/Gucci Vump!)

Ciao the other Remixes! (Incl. Jamie Lidell, Matias Aguayi)


Man From Earth Remixes

Kebacid EP (Jesper Dahlback + Jori Hulkkonen)

Renaissance Man EP

And Upcomming Shows:


19.12 /Soulwaxmas /Antwerp
21.11 /Elektronix /Sittard
27.11 /Icon /Berlin
05.12 /C-Y-N-Y /Brussels
26.12 /Social Cluv /Paris
28.11 /Reithalle /Bern
Boys Noize
28.11 /Fabalous /Den Bosch

+ (Random) Bonus!

Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Tiga Remix) | Remix from the big man himself!
(Download Right-Click Save As)

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