The Amplifetes EPK

The Amplifetes EPK from THE AMPLIFETES on Vimeo.
Today A got an E-mail with the request of posting something about this band.
So I thought why not, lets take a look. And thank got I did! this is AN AWESOME BAND!

In the video They tell a bit about them selfs. but if you wan't to know more, here is some biography:
Being accomplished songwriters and producers on their own, the members have worked with names such as Kelis, Madonna, Grandmaster Flash and Peter Bjorn and John. While having occasionaly crossed paths during the course of their careers, they have existed as a unit for about a year. The band think of themselves as a dreamteam collaboration of their influences - listing 60s Psychadelia, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and Chicago Trax Records House releases.

Here are some Tracks:

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