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Fashion Report p.2

So Here I was at the entrance of the building for the Fashion show by Amfi. I walked to the Ticket Girl and while I was looking at her I had the Feeling I recognized here, but I was not shure so I ignored that feeling. I said the samething to her like i did with the other ticket lady. But this time she said Yes I know I spoke to her wait here because I can give you your ticket at 15:05 . well; I said no problem I'll wait, and while I said that: Wilna textmessages me and says 'hee just tell Merel v. Beek you're my family'. I couldn't stop laughing and Merel asked what is so funny, I showed here the message she said: wauw I never thought that wilna would go this far. I said Oh well she's a nice person so why not, Merel again: yeah I know but this is really...you know but it's funny so it's ok. So when the clock hits 3 o'clock I got my 'Illegal' ticket gehe. Other people Who tried to do the same as me, did not succeed. So now I'm inside I took my camera out of the bag and I thought to my self camera set aaaannndd action!!
IT WAS AMAZING so Inspiring I learned Allot that day. like that the Brutal Own
Half the world and I met allot of cool new people! A GREAT day!
to be continued

Post and Photography by: morrison


This was really amazing. I'm little disappointed in my own Fotografie skills....but the models walked sooo Fast!! it's not easy if you're not stitting on the front of the catwalk.
but nontheless it's was an AMAZING SHOW.

How did I end here? well I shall tell my friends, it was about 2 o'clock when I arrived at Westergas Fabriek, when I came there I saw this huge Entree queue in front of the Machinegebouw. So naturally I supposed that fashion show whom I was invited to was there. I went to the Ticket lady, who asked for my inventation. I told her that Wilna Fahner (of the Amfi) should have called a hour ago for my place on the Guestlist. She automatically said: ok take place in the room. When the show
started I realized that I was sitting at the wrong show. but a good thing
is it didn't took that long, it were two show which took 30 min in total!
It was Really worth it.So I still had time to go to show I really wanted
to see:
'Individuals by Amfi' which started at 3 o'clock......to be continued!

Text and Photography by: morrison


Have fun! was what they said!



Fashion week is starting!!

Yeah yeah YEAAHHH!!! I'm sooo gonna go there!!!!!
Yep it's going the be awesome next thursday I'm going to the show of Amfi (amsterdam fashion institution). That the school I want to get in to, it's going to be hard but i'll try even harder!

I'll will make a huge post of it!! don't you worry!



new Pro board series by Element

As you might know, I'm a huge fan of Element skateboards & clothing but recently Element has released some pro board series which I think are just plain ugly...
judge for yourself. (from top to bottom: 'Dead End', 'Have a Day', 'Winged', 'Atmosphere', 'Animalism')



New PROMO Track of the MYMY's


DC shoes meets SBTG

Alright in Singapore lives this guy named Mark Ong who started to customize shoes to his own taste in his moms kitchen.
Since 2003 he has made more than a thousand customized shoes and has been invited to commision designes for companies like Nike and DC shoes.
He has taken the art of D.I.Y. to a new level and has attracted the likes of James lavelle and Mike Shinoda & mr.Hahn from Linkin Park (that's how I heard of this guy)

After teaming up with DC shoes, his creative vision was later reinforced by the birth of RoyaleFam, which includes SBTG's custom kicks and apparel line.

copy and paste the link to read the interview
I'm sorry I couldn't place it in the blog)


late, BW
L-vis 1990 - unted groove remixes!!
Such a great release!

L-vis 1990 - united groove (kingdom remix) this will link you to maddecents own blog

thanks to maddecent bloggers!



nog een keertje boven aan de blog!

Flow - It Was Easy (the mymy's) by MyMycrew

My own bass - (robotinc) the mymy's by MyMycrew

OUR NEW TRACKS!!!!! check out!!



photo: Alice Point

no words, simply love it!
(but I know mom sure as hell doesn't)

Since we're talking tattoos:
Chanel launches transfer tattoos, $78 for one set of 55 undividual tattoos, in march 2010.
they're truly gorgeous, but really too expensive for me.



the converse all star 'stars n bars'
loved them since forever, almost bought them in london (30 pounds!)
#but I'm a little over this

.. don't know....

Homeworkdjs - Waist Zipper - official music video!(2010)

sick once again!!!!


THE FUSS! GREAT BAND FROM the Netherlands! Den Bosch!

the fuss - lucky ben

the fuss - be the one

the fuss - changed

The fuss! a great band a couple of mates of me at school started this awesome band about 3 years ago. now today they are well know in my hometown Den Bosch (netherlands).
at the moment and probably they are with 6 people: Hugo den Hartog (leadvocals en mondharmonica), Jeroen Straatman (sologitaar en backingvocals), Matthijs van der Wielen (slaggitaar), Dirk Voets (saxofoon), Rens Spierings (basgitaar) en Rob van Rumpt (drums en backingvocals).
they are really good check them and watch the movies!!

the their myspace here

greetings morrison


Rimmer London

New Rimmer London EP!!

Rimmer London is the producer off Le Le, he makes Italo-Disco. His EP will hit the shops jan 25th on Magnetron Music! Meanwhile you can listen to previews of the tracks here and here.

Check Rimmer Londons Myspace here
His label Magnetron Music here

ME, 3D

yeah, I know they're not exactly right. But I'm trying!
it actually looks pretty cool when you use 3D glasses!

so, my day today:
- pyjama morning
-homework (french)
-Paris Hiltons: my new BFF weekendbreak (yeah, I know..)
-looking for hotels/restaurants/places to go/shops/etc. in.. NEW YORK CITY (!!)
sooooo excited! I mean, we haven't booked anything.. yet. But still,

we've decided to go inbetween my exams (after the exams, before results and second chances).
Flights to NY are a lot cheaper then, 50% of the usual (in season) price!

Woohoooo !

the mymy's


Flow - It Was Easy (the mymy's) by MyMycrew

My own bass - (robotinc) the mymy's by MyMycrew

OUR NEW TRACKS!!!!! check out!!



Jackass 3!

Ha I've got a new update from Knoxville:

No, this isn’t the world’s worst Devo tribute band. This is me and the fellas getting educated on 3D. we have been getting a crash course in the technology since we started considering doing the third jackass in an extra dimension (and just for the record the third one is in 3D). I gotta say I don’t have much patience for these type of get togethers, it just feels too much like school. People are talking about converting, convergence, ratios, 24 frames a second, 60 frames a second, etc., etc., and my mind just blanks out and all I can think about is doing something horrible to Tremaine. Anyway, we did some camera tests a couple of weeks ago and that was the best education of all. Up until that point I had been the biggest naysayer on 3D. I was looking at it like we have a ton of ideas and don’t need the extra dimension to have a great movie. Jackass is funny without it. But after filming the tests, we all realized that shooting in 3D just provided us an extra way to be stupid. It just adds to the ridiculousness and doesn’t get in the way of what we do whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it adds to it. Steve-O isn’t going to puke “in front of Dean Wormer,” he is going to puke “on Dean Wormer.” Woowoo!!


Johnny Knoxville

late, BéWé

Girls (Do) love dj's

This was At the birth day of one Of my close friends 'Teona' 'helena' and there friend Zee
It was a great party! the mymydj's and dj Fonk were hitting it up and spinning like faya!!
I wish I recorded that set because it was sick, funk house Dupstep and back to electro and techno definitely a great night!


lekker waar blijft de zomer

Adidas Originals + Starwars = ?

'Star Wars and adidas Originals have officially joined forces in our most colossal collaboration to date,
bringing you a striking collection of sneakers and apparel inspired by the characters and crafts youve followed for a lifetime.'

I Wonder how this is going to work out, sounds as a very bad idea to me, but who knows..
At least the video is good =)



MYMY's Interview and Mixtape!!!!

I don't remember when I started following Morrison of the MYMY's but I always enjoyed the content (the English ones). Morrison currently lives in Den Bosch, Netherlands and is a regular contributor on the blog - the girl and mymy's. The Girl is Anne who supplies the art and fashion. The MYMY's are Jasper, his brother, and Morrison who update the blog with music that they are passionate about. It so bizarre how similar our taste in music is even being thousands of miles away. When I saw that The MYMY's were uploading a mixtape I got excited after reading about all the music they are in to. I hope you enjoy the mix and keep reading below for our twitter-view this morning (Sorry Morrison, A conference call cut the interview short). I highly suggest following this crew too on twitter (Anne,Morrison, and Jasper)

check for the full interview: SMITHBLOGSATLANTA

I wish I could be There

WHY oh Why are they in NYC........Come to amsterdam with this combination !!! would be sick!

x morrison x

UP coming

At smothblosatlanta Quick interview ON twitter really works well! with mixtape (with download)



Gimme a smile!
Nienke & Jasper

yeah, I'm back!

Béwé foto's by anne v beers

Cash girl - Rubix ft. wannabeastar

One Word: Massive!

MyMy Fruitmix 2 by MyMycrew

MyMy Fruitmix 2 by MyMycrew


ELEMENT Conscious by Nature

Element skateboards had released a new collection called 'Conscious by Nature', most of the products are in grey and green/blue tints.
The good part of it is that all products are made of organic an sustainable materials
I like the way they have kept everything simple.
judge for yourself: