L.A.M.B by Gwen stefani

How did these guys find us! Like OMG! hell yeah! We're soooo lucky!!!!

Today I got an e-mail from blueclaw media ltD! they gave me an Exclusive press-content, to wright about, like no other. They gave us a Preview of the New L.A.M.B collection by Gwen Stefani.

on top on they gave me these
Daniel designer sandals to give away: www.danielfootwear.com

If you want one of these just E-mail your address and motivation to me why you should get them! and let me know! ok.

for e-mail check topic 'contact'


here is the L.A.M.B. Gwen stefani collection:

I love them! they are absolutely gorgeous!!!
you sure can tell they were designed by gwen. I like last two the most! because they are fresh but classy, which I think is absolutely important. this is one off those collections that every big brand like H&M en Zara will make A knock off collection from. because they are so out there, and yet I've got the feeling you can match them pretty good with almost everything, some jeans and tanktop or a really High fashion outfit.
I really like them!

a little bit more information about the other designer Daniel footwear:

Daniel Footwear branches nationwide with 25 stores across the country and an online shop that provides exclusive deals, limited offers and latest fashions delivered next day to your doorstep.

Daniel Footwear specializes in women’s shoes and designer shoes and has a fantastic range of handbags and accessories. The company is run by a close knit team in our head office based in Leeds where the first store was open in 1993. The team work closely with each other and are in contact with all members of staff from across all the stores every day. Each member of staff is dedicated to ensuring high quality products and high quality customer service. As a company we pride ourselves on not only selling shoes but selling the latest looks, fashion trends and brands.

The peeps at Daniel believe that when it comes to women’s shoes, its gotta be designer.



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