Jackass 3!

Ha I've got a new update from Knoxville:

No, this isn’t the world’s worst Devo tribute band. This is me and the fellas getting educated on 3D. we have been getting a crash course in the technology since we started considering doing the third jackass in an extra dimension (and just for the record the third one is in 3D). I gotta say I don’t have much patience for these type of get togethers, it just feels too much like school. People are talking about converting, convergence, ratios, 24 frames a second, 60 frames a second, etc., etc., and my mind just blanks out and all I can think about is doing something horrible to Tremaine. Anyway, we did some camera tests a couple of weeks ago and that was the best education of all. Up until that point I had been the biggest naysayer on 3D. I was looking at it like we have a ton of ideas and don’t need the extra dimension to have a great movie. Jackass is funny without it. But after filming the tests, we all realized that shooting in 3D just provided us an extra way to be stupid. It just adds to the ridiculousness and doesn’t get in the way of what we do whatsoever. As a matter of fact, it adds to it. Steve-O isn’t going to puke “in front of Dean Wormer,” he is going to puke “on Dean Wormer.” Woowoo!!


Johnny Knoxville

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