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Fashion Report p.2

So Here I was at the entrance of the building for the Fashion show by Amfi. I walked to the Ticket Girl and while I was looking at her I had the Feeling I recognized here, but I was not shure so I ignored that feeling. I said the samething to her like i did with the other ticket lady. But this time she said Yes I know I spoke to her wait here because I can give you your ticket at 15:05 . well; I said no problem I'll wait, and while I said that: Wilna textmessages me and says 'hee just tell Merel v. Beek you're my family'. I couldn't stop laughing and Merel asked what is so funny, I showed here the message she said: wauw I never thought that wilna would go this far. I said Oh well she's a nice person so why not, Merel again: yeah I know but this is really...you know but it's funny so it's ok. So when the clock hits 3 o'clock I got my 'Illegal' ticket gehe. Other people Who tried to do the same as me, did not succeed. So now I'm inside I took my camera out of the bag and I thought to my self camera set aaaannndd action!!
IT WAS AMAZING so Inspiring I learned Allot that day. like that the Brutal Own
Half the world and I met allot of cool new people! A GREAT day!
to be continued

Post and Photography by: morrison

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