This was really amazing. I'm little disappointed in my own Fotografie skills....but the models walked sooo Fast!! it's not easy if you're not stitting on the front of the catwalk.
but nontheless it's was an AMAZING SHOW.

How did I end here? well I shall tell my friends, it was about 2 o'clock when I arrived at Westergas Fabriek, when I came there I saw this huge Entree queue in front of the Machinegebouw. So naturally I supposed that fashion show whom I was invited to was there. I went to the Ticket lady, who asked for my inventation. I told her that Wilna Fahner (of the Amfi) should have called a hour ago for my place on the Guestlist. She automatically said: ok take place in the room. When the show
started I realized that I was sitting at the wrong show. but a good thing
is it didn't took that long, it were two show which took 30 min in total!
It was Really worth it.So I still had time to go to show I really wanted
to see:
'Individuals by Amfi' which started at 3 o'clock......to be continued!

Text and Photography by: morrison

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