MYMY's Interview and Mixtape!!!!

I don't remember when I started following Morrison of the MYMY's but I always enjoyed the content (the English ones). Morrison currently lives in Den Bosch, Netherlands and is a regular contributor on the blog - the girl and mymy's. The Girl is Anne who supplies the art and fashion. The MYMY's are Jasper, his brother, and Morrison who update the blog with music that they are passionate about. It so bizarre how similar our taste in music is even being thousands of miles away. When I saw that The MYMY's were uploading a mixtape I got excited after reading about all the music they are in to. I hope you enjoy the mix and keep reading below for our twitter-view this morning (Sorry Morrison, A conference call cut the interview short). I highly suggest following this crew too on twitter (Anne,Morrison, and Jasper)

check for the full interview: SMITHBLOGSATLANTA

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