ME, 3D

yeah, I know they're not exactly right. But I'm trying!
it actually looks pretty cool when you use 3D glasses!

so, my day today:
- pyjama morning
-homework (french)
-Paris Hiltons: my new BFF weekendbreak (yeah, I know..)
-looking for hotels/restaurants/places to go/shops/etc. in.. NEW YORK CITY (!!)
sooooo excited! I mean, we haven't booked anything.. yet. But still,

we've decided to go inbetween my exams (after the exams, before results and second chances).
Flights to NY are a lot cheaper then, 50% of the usual (in season) price!

Woohoooo !

the mymy's

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MYMY said...

NICE NICE NICE ANNE! Zeker vet gedaan!!!]

kus morrison