THE FUSS! GREAT BAND FROM the Netherlands! Den Bosch!

the fuss - lucky ben

the fuss - be the one

the fuss - changed

The fuss! a great band a couple of mates of me at school started this awesome band about 3 years ago. now today they are well know in my hometown Den Bosch (netherlands).
at the moment and probably they are with 6 people: Hugo den Hartog (leadvocals en mondharmonica), Jeroen Straatman (sologitaar en backingvocals), Matthijs van der Wielen (slaggitaar), Dirk Voets (saxofoon), Rens Spierings (basgitaar) en Rob van Rumpt (drums en backingvocals).
they are really good check them and watch the movies!!

the their myspace here

greetings morrison

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