I love love sweatpants, especially on sunday morning.
but what If you could find a pair that has a nice fit, looks classic, relaxed
and still is a 'a pair of sweatpants'?
Vogue is already on the case: it will be a key item of spring 2010.

but Vogue wouldn't be Vogue If they would'nt give us advice and absolute no-no's.
For example: we should'nt be wearing them, unless with high heels
we cannot just grab a pair of sweats out of the closet - they have to be
similar to the description above.

and I have to agree with that, although they recommend us high-designer-sweattrousers that costs hundreds of euros, so I guess I will try to get my hands on the ASOS ones.

the Girl - Anne

sweatpants/trousers: ASOS.com

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Anonymous said...

love IT love it love!!
it's funny if it wasn't for the fabric it would be a very formal thingy!!