I. can't. wait.

H&M is killing me, real slow.
I mean, not that I'd drool over this picture. I prefer the lingerie, but still.
they're so sneaky, posting campaign pictures one by one, making us want more and more..
Eversince I knew this was coming, I've been stalking nitrolicious for pictures
I know I did the same thing with the Jimmy Choo collection, and ended up not buying anything because it just wasn't.. wearable for me.
Je suis desolée to the ones who are happily married to a Choo piece now.

But yes: I will be behind 2 or 3 computers that night, and I will get my hands on something.
Hopefully a bra and hopefully one in my size because ,yeah , I think that might be important.

If you'd like to drool with me, check out: www.thegirlhasnostyle.blogspot.com
for more Sonya Rykiel pictures!

Obsessed? who, me?

the Girl

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