Party Report: Fabulous!

A party in our hometown! So has to be good right?!

I arrived quite early and after some trouble with the tickets, the scanners they used weren't really working, I could enter and was one of the first people in the Club Tokyo area, which looked quite good. It took a while till the area was filled so I took a look around at the London Gallery area, were the Fashion shows were held. I saw a bit of the Kunstbende Fashion show, which looked quite good! But the DJ's did their own thing it didn't sync with the fashion show at all, it was horrible so was the music they played, I then left for the Club Tokyo area were Switch was about to play.

Switch played a good set. My favourite moment was when he played Felix's Kickdrum mixed with Major Lazer's Pon De Floor percussion, so good!

Cause of Felix Da Housecat cancelled Erol Alkan played! Which was the reason why I went to fabulous. His set was awesome! He played several unreleased tracks incl. Talk To Me! Really enjoyed his set. At the end of his set Erol and Boys Noize played Waves Gonzales Piano rework into their original track, best moment of the night for sure, it was epic!

Boys Noize set was great as well, already saw him this year at ILT but this set got me again!
He finished his set with Jeffer mixed into My Moon My Man was awesome!

Then Dr. Lektroluv started never saw him before nor heard of him but he was really good, surprise of the night.
Check the vid of him playing at Poema below:

And euhm Sander Kleinenberg... Well he started his set with Aoki's I'm In The house..

All by all it was a good party! Tunes of the party must be Bangkok and Lyposuct they got played several times. It tasted like more tho.. can't wait for Rauw!

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