LOOKS by Chanel and Givenchy for 2010!

I know santa has yet to come but fashion wont wait, And neither do I. Well I found a couple of really nice peaces today. First two are Chanel and the rest is Givenchy, I know that I haven't shared their glory faire, but I like Givenchy better so they get more foto's (^__^)!

But look at the Chanel long summer-heat, evening, at the beach suite, dress, yes it's a mouth full.But when you're walking with this dress at the party everybody would be so quiet as a mouse.
Even a infamous person would be famous in this, it would even made my Grand mother look good! But ok enough about the dress, Look at the Guy! His long rainy trench coat does not say summer to me.....kinda weird. but.......ok next topic.

Givenchy!!!! LOVE LOVE and more LOVE!!!
I can not really tell you why a love Givenchy so much but it has this Kind of magic! I mean look at the yellow party evening coctail dress !!!! If one of my girlfriends would walk in one of those I'd be chasing them alnight!! but hell Givenchy is ssooooo good!

thanks for reading xo morrison

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