Upcoming model Inge Stufkens from holland

such a strong face!

so sweet

not afraid

no words.

Could it be? Could it be that we found the princes who will follow in Doutze's footsteps and take her throne. Will this young girl become the new Dutch model queen?....
These are the questions that you should be asking when you look at these picture's!
Inge Stufkens, a girl who goes to the same school as I do. A normal girl with a normal life, but will this all change....? well this totally depends on her, a couple of months ago she won a modeling contest. She was chosen to go to Milaan for photoshoots for different brands. She also did her first 'go sees' there, she said she like those allot!
I'm wondering what she'll do next. Well one thing is for sure I'm going to follow her, and hope that she'll continue this path! because she would bring freshness to the modeling industry just like Doutze did when she hit the stage

much love and good luck to you!

morrison of the mymy's

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MYMY said...

I love the pictures,
good luck to you, girl!