I'm sooo tired!
it was a very long day (3 in the morning till 1 at night)
My mom and I went to a lot of new places and found lots and lots of amazing, hidden stores!
Unfortunately, we discovered a 512 mb memorycard in the camera, so after 8 or 9 pictures it was full.
Thank god we bought a new one, but I missed a lot of great shots..
I haven't got that much streetstyle, but I do have a lot of window displays and more!

You might wonder what I've bought (or not, but I'm going to tell you anyway).
well, guess that's not a difficult question to answer,
the question is: what haven't I bought?
and that's a lot, and I'm proud of it! finally, my shopping-rehabilatation is working!

I've been almost-buying several shoes (including the Adidas boat shoes that Morrison and I both love), but ended up not buying them for some reason.
I even found a pair that I've been searching for 4 years, but it just wasn't.. it anymore.

However, I did end up buying something:
at Ladurée I bought a box of macrons, love the colours!
I'll post some pictures tomorrow,

and to keep me company while I regret not-buying-stuff, I got myself something special.
It's white, It's fluffy, It's fat and It has a mustache.

think think think.

the Girl

photo's tomorrow!

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