Steady guy

SteadyGuy realises the abundance of quality street wear out there by talented independent designers/labels and acts to link those who appreciate urban lifestyle infused fashion and such designers/labels. SteadyGuy aims to bring fashion that crosses the borders of street wear, art, design and creativity inspired by ideas stemming from Britain and Europe's street culture.

The philosophy that SteadyGuy operates from has stemmed from founder Justin's roots in the worlds of urban lifestyle, street wear, sneaker culture, design, textile printing, art and photography. All this together with a general dislike of how the person on the street has had his creativity, freedom, comfort and style has been taken away by mass produced, uniform like fashion being churned out by today's high street.

Steadyguy will not have tons of brands available for our customers just for the sake of it. We only put on and support brands and products that have inspired designs, textures, stories and substance rather than prioritising mass appeal and this ethos will be reflected in what we do.

I like this exclusivity with out it becoming to expensive it's just steady


Bad Fotography said...

the Joy Rich sweaters are to die for!!

morrison jansen said...

I love it all great blend of stuff AWESOME