Zweden (sister report)

Hee Y'all, yesterday julie dad and I went to a indoor playground called 'Bus Fabrik' the logo looks allot like the logo of the Bart Smith which My dutch followers probably would know. but it's also pretty irrelevant.
Any way that morning We decided that we were gonna make some sushi that night. Which Really worked out perfect, we made a allot well actually I made allot. Dad was to lazy and the rest had no clue what to do.

But yesterday was also a dom ass day..... because dad forgot the camera...... so now I can Only wright about yesterday while there were so many great photo opportunities...

Let me tell you another thing about my sister. Julie speaks 3 languages and she's only 2.5 years old. She amazes me everyday after and after again. Yesterday her mom called my dad. And julie picked up the phone and it was like a was waching a 12 year old talking on the phone to a friend. It was al so clear, It was firm and easy to follow which is pretty unique in compare to my experience with kids on the phone.

well that was it for today. Today We're going to Swim! KEEP YOU POSTED.

x morrison x

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