Icons and fashion stuff

just to create a little mood on this slow day :). I felt like sleeping al day this morning but unfortunately NO CAN DO.

So I decided to blog a bit between the things that have to be done.



finkalixius said...

wow such a beautiful post

istarblog said...

likey like baby

regina said...

Didnt you come to AMFI?

morrison jansen said...

@ regina no didn't i tell you I did not pass my exams so I have to wait a year! but next year I'll be there!!

I have to finish one class: economics!

but hee how are you and are living in the Netherlands yet, if that is the case we should meet!? xx

morrison jansen said...

Btw thank you @istarblog @finkalixius! x

regina said...

you didnt tell me. I expected to see you at school :P but now I know.
Im good and Im living in Diemen. we should meet up.
Whats your number and full name (to add on facebook)

anannn said...

Schat die tweede foto... you can't be serious right?
Verder is je mood aanduiding wel cute maar denk aan het advies van Eva (think before you post) ''all day''

Morrison jansen said...

@regina sorry honey! I thought I told you, but it seems i forgot! but sure lets meet up!
full name: morrison Jansen, with this you should be able to find me on facebook or actually every where since there aren't many morrisons.

I'll give you my number on facebook xx