New MixHell EP!

Including remixes from Goose and Huoratron!

Shout out's:

Phra (Crookers): "Go buy the new mixhell release now or .... me and my boys will break your legs mafia style!! capisci?"

Zombie Nation: “Heya, thanks for that. The Goose remix is nice!”

Edu K: “The Huoratron remix is a HEAVY BEAST! OMG!”

Camel: “Really strong release.! Love it all! Can' t wait to drop it.”

Jence (Digitalism): “Great one!!”

Noob: “YO YO Big remixes here. Peace.”

Mehdi DVNO: "Now it's worth it buying a waterproof armband for my Ipod so I can listen to "highly explicit" when I go shark feeding in Recife!"

Ville (Renaissence Man): “Highly Explicit sounds like Flying Lizards met with Justice at their local favela”

DJ Chernobyl: "Perfect EP. The original version is my favorite with amazing drums and a heavy synth. All brazilian percussions are grooving as a sick party in hell! Long live to Iggor and Laima!"

A trak: "Hey Mixhell, I'm glad you used my machine gun in a song, can I have it back now?"

The Subs: "This will do some damage!"

Dave (Nadastrom): “Loving this EP! Solid production, sexy and funky as hell. The original kills it with an awesome breakdown starting at 2:50. I can see this being a great builder of a track taking a DJ set into prime time mode.
The Goose remix already has me raising my hands from the start. awesome running bass line that drops into a HUGE build that could set any crowd on fire. Overall awesome.
The Huoratron remix kills it with the jack knife bass line riff and dirty vocal stabs. The horns take this sleezy tune into anthem status. Fire baby!”

the mymy's

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