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Friday Night A Epic night to remember!! FLEXBAR HOMELESS!!!

That day We went to Amsterdam by train, It took ages to get there because of the snow..
but finally we got there. First stop Dads house, finally seeing my lil sister again!
After We'd laid my sister in bed, dad I and the boys went out for dinner, nice.
After we went to a Brown bar (a traditional beer bar In Amsterdam, with locals only).
After a couple of beers (special beers like 'Kasteel' or 'Christoffel') we where pretty tips!
Dad was on A comedy rampage! Making me and the guys laugh there asses of!!

Round 21:30 We had to pick up A friend of mine at the station, dad went home, the old man got tired hehe. Me and the guys walked al the way to 'Westerpark'. took us 15 mins longer then you supposed to do haha but what ever we had fun. Finally we got at the place of destination 'FLEXBAR'
Here A Party started.......but not the way I used to see it, frankly people In Amsterdam wait untill 1 o'clock before they get their lazy buts of there sofa's. so the first 2 ours the club was pretty empty.....but we had a really nice interview With Bart B More.

Q:Say Bart B more, How did you get in touch with Sound Pellegrino?
because here in holland you are pretty much known for 'Sneakers'

Bart B More:
A:Well I was having dinner with one of the record label owners, before we had a gig, And at the gig I played one of my new tunes! At that moment the guy went crazy and asked where I got that song? I sad I made it my self, that's how I got in touch with Sound Pelligrino and I now I'm getting signed there!

Morrison & Jasper:
Q:Ow that's such Great news!
Hee are you still doing stuff with sneakers house??

Bart B More:
A:Yeah a little bit but a try to stop a little, It kinda ruined my image as a real house electro techno dj.

Q:Oh? How so?

Bart B More:
A:Well you know a lot of guys like yourself said from the beginning sneakers is for 15/16 year old kids with a foul taste. so because of that I lost allot of respect in the deep and strong house and electro fans.
as soon they here the word 'sneaker house' they turn left.

Q:I hear what you're saying I totally get that. because it's precisely what we do when we hear those words! 'sneakers is for 15 year old 'wankers' at least that's what I think.
Are you going to play you're new song tonight?

Bart B More:
A:Yeah I think so 'while searching his records-bag for the record'!

Q:Could we have a sneak preview??

Bart B More:
A:Why not I'll have to contact my label!

Morrison & Jasper:

And so the party started!! So Happy when I heard Bart play, It was my first time to hear him live. Amazing. He's a really good DJ.
Big up to HEnZel and Disco Nova AND To HOMEWORKdjs for inviting us to this great party Great set By you guys to!! love it! Popof for real!!!

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Tekst and photo's By Morrison!

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