Element Metal Gods

Another great skateboard theme has been created by Element Skateboards, the have designed the 'Metal Gods' series for their skaters Bam Margera and Mike Vallely. The design basically is a skateboard with a sweeeet-ass guitar printed on it.

And I can hear you think: 'What the heck do I have to do with that?'. I'll tell you what you have to do with it: Ever heard of Neal Moser? No? Well this guy has build electric guitars by hand for some guy named Jimi Hendrix and many other rock icons and now he and Element have teamed up to create the designs in actual guitars and here's the good part: You can win one of them!
but ofcourse it's not for free, You'll have to buy a Metal Gods skateboard to take part in the competition...

just look at it and then decide if it's worth the $60,-

- BéWé

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