Filippa K

I've been A Fan of Filippa K since the first advertisement I saw of it in a magazine, No clue which one it was but who cares anyway, This brand rocks, would love to design for them one day #dreams!

First of Something totally of track, I need to share something, I Love Fashion it's A great passion. But I've decided That I'm going to focus on music and helping artists en festivals to share there thought to the crowd whom they want to talk to, How the artists or organization's vision will be read by the day to day people!
This why is also the reason why I'm really blogging I guess it's a kick start to the real thing and this summer and following year Jasper ( MyMyCrew aka Hairy Lemon) and me are going to work on it.!

Wish us luck, I'm so thrilled for everything that is coming! the Dj-gigs The indie electro Band jasper, pieter, Sebastian and I are starting. The company + anandi's and mine ILFN project The AWESOME PARTY'S Like LOWLANDS RAUWRAUW WESC and ofcourse working on the blogging with co-blogger and friend anne (aka the girl)


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Gorgeous dress